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I started my career move back in 1989 after many years in the corporate world.  I was goofing around with my buddy when I saw the magazine Massage (keeping those who touch in touch).  I nudged by friend and said ‘There’s my next profession’.  As guy friends do, ‘yeah, sure’ was his reply.  I went to massage school at Honolulu School of Massage. I spent 4 years in Paducah, KY.  Traveling every other week back to KC to see my son.   I have worked in salons, chiropractors offices, as well as having my own private studios.   

I provided chair massage to multiple companies over the course of 20+ years.  Loved every minute of it.  A chair massage can be just as relaxing as a full body and a whole lot easier for the client.  Get up, walk away from the desk, get the massage, unplug from the world, then return to the work word refreshed.  

For 7 years, I was part of a team of highly dedicated individuals that taught “Esthetics” at JCCC (Johnson County Community College).  It was enjoyable to watch the students blossom into their chosen field. 

Massage Therapy

I have been a Massage Therapist since January 1990.  2018 is my 28th year and going strong.  The first question I get asked is “Do you do deep tissue”?  My style is medium to firm pressure geared toward relaxation.  If the massage is “too deep” the body, intelligent, will react by tightening up the muscle to protect itself.  Rendering the massage a waste of time and money.  Deep relaxation can be accomplished without pushing you through the table.  

Waxing for Men

Ladies, you have a multitude of places to go for your waxing needs.  I am geared toward the fellas.  I’ve been to the salons where I was the only male present.  I’ve had the front desk yell “You’re back wax is here”.  I want to present the men with a totally different experience.  A place where they can do and get the grooming they want without the hassle and embarrassment of a salon.  Services provided by another guy that knows, first hand, what the waxing is all about. 

Skincare for Everyone

It’s never too early or late to take care of your skin.  Many of us might spend 20-30 seconds washing our face in the morning and MAYBE get to it again before bed.  A deep cleansing facial will have you looking your best.  You don’t have time for a full facial (1 hour)?  No sweat, schedule a mini-facial to see what it’s all about.  I can customize it to your specific needs. 

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