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While the majority of my clients are male, I do have a few that are female that appreciate the medium to firm pressure. 

If you’re female, you will be provided a twin sheet to cover your body.  Guys get an option of sheet or towel.  NEVER are you completely naked during the session. 

While i have a firm touch, it’s my belief that a massage should NEVER be painful.  There might be the “that hurts good” feeling but if you’re tensing up because the pressure is too intense then the massage, in my opinion, is wasted.  My overall goal is to unplug you from the noise of your world. 

It’s your massage.  If you’re more comfortable leaving underwear on, then by all mans, do so.  Rings, watches, necklaces, etc are best removed so as to not hamper the massage. 

It’s as easy as adjusting my pressure.  Adding a bit more pressure to the massage tends to keep the “that tickles” from becoming an issue.  You can always request that I not work on the area.  Typically that’s the bottom of the feet for most people. 

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Waxing for men

The hair has to be 1/4″ to 1/2″ long for the service to be effective.  Typically, you’ll want to wait 4 or more weeks from the last time you shaved. 

The smoothness of the waxing usually lasts about 4 weeks.  It all depends on how quickly you grow hair.  Some folks are every 3 weeks and other can do 8 week or longer. 

Waxing is not a relaxing service.  Yes, there is some discomfort.  What you’re feeling is the removal of the hair follicles that are still attached to the body.  Some clients take a few Tylenol (or generic) about an hour before their waxing service. 

Absolutely NOT.  For visual reference, if the area is covered by a pair of BVD’s or a Speedo then every part of that area is waxed.  HOWEVER, if you only want some of the area waxed, let me know.  Many men DONT get a full Brazilian wax. 

Sorry, while most of the body can be waxed there are certain areas that cannot.  The beard is one of them.  It has to do with the denseness of the hair and how deep the roots are in the beard area. 

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If you’re like most folks, you MIGHT spend 20-30 seconds washing/cleansing your face in the morning and, maybe, the same in the evening before going to bed.  A Deep Cleansing Facial takes 1 hour. 

Here are the steps for my Deep Cleansing Facial.  Cleanse, Scrub, Enzyme (under steam), Extractions, Facial Massage, Mask, Serum, Moisturizer, Eye/Lip treatments, SPF. 

Pore size is a genetic thing.  I can temporarily reduce the size by extracting the gunk that collects there.  You can keep them clean by with a good home care regime between facials. 

A mini-facial is perfect for those new to skincare or when you dont have time to devote 1 hour for the service.  The steps are customized to what you want to accomplish.  Clear out the pores?  SURE.  Just want to unplug with mask and massage??  Okie Dokie

Before I went into this field, I ad the same thought.  A cleanser is a cleanser is a cleanser.  OHHHH but was I ever wrong.  There really are differences between the OTC (over the counter) and a professional line.  I’ll gladly share my knowledge with you. 

OTC products can ONLY (according to FDA standards) beautify and cleanse the skin.  They CANNOT make any changes on the cellular level.  A professional product line can, if needed, make those changes.  A professional line has a much higher percentage of Active Ingredients. 

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