To quiet the chaos of your world.

To help you look and feel your very best.

Masage Therapy

Allow my 28 years of experience quiet the chaos and noise of your world.  Medium to firm pressure geared toward relaxation.  Close the studio door.  The room is quiet.  The table is warm.  The music of soft.  

Waxing for Men

Ladies you have a plethora of options for your waxing needs. Gentlemen, this is for you.  Allow my 9 years experience help you look and feel your very best.  Waxing, Grooming, Shaving.  All done in the comfort of a private studio. 

Skincare for Everyone

If you’re like most people you MIGHT spend 20-30 seconds washing your face.  Allow me to do a Deep Cleansing Facial.  A solid hour devoted to you and your appearance.  

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