Menu of Services:

Massage Therapy:

Allow my 33 years of experience melt the tension from your body and quiet the chaos of your world.  Clients have been described as medium to firm pressure that is geared toward relaxation.

30-minutes:   $50.00

60-minutes:  $100.00

90-minutes:  $150.00

2 hours:       discontinued 

Waxing for Men:

Waxing is a temporary removal of the hair.  To get optinal reslts, a regular schedule is best.  Waxing last approx. 4-6 weeks.  

$45.00    Back Wax                   

$65.00    Back/Shoulders       

$70.00    Chest/Abdomen    

$80.00   Full Leg                    

$30.00   Underarm.                 

$12.00   Ears                  

$12.00.   Nostrils.                    

$10.00.   Brow                       

Male Intimate Waxing is available.  Please call or email for more detailed information. 

Skincare for Everyone:

If you’re like most people you spend about 20 seconds cleansing your face.  Lay back and enjoy a solid hour to making you look your best.  It’s not called “putting your best face forward” for nothing.  

Deep Cleaning Facial:    $100.00

Combination Services:

To really pamper yourself and quiet the noise that’s in your world schedule a massage AND facial.  Imagine 2+ hours that’s all yours.  Drift off to paradise. 

$175.00     60-min + facial                   

$225.00     90-min + facial